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    Deltona Florida is a hurricane prone region, no home in Deltona is safe from hurricanes but installing impact resistant windows and doors can greatly improve your family’s safety and decrease the stress that a major storm brings with always-ready security. Impact windows and doors are popular in Deltona and across the state of Florida due to the damage caused by storms. Impact windows combine tough frames that incorporate impact-resistant laminated glass and a unique silicone glazing procedure. This process prevents the glass from splitting away from the frame.

    Given that broken windows can compromise the integrity of your house, it is imperative that you install impact windows to protect your family. This glass comprises of two panes bonded together with an interlayer of clear polyvinyl butral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). The interlayer keeps the window intact even in extreme conditions. Impact windows also offer an added layer of security to your house against burglars since these windows are difficult to break. 

    The biggest advantage of hurricane resistant impact windows is not the damage control from water entering the house. Rather it is structural. Mostly, a house gets damaged due to the change in air pressure. Once the windows are blown away, the amount of air pressure can lead the walls to collapse or even blow away the roof entirely. Impact windows stay intact and prevent this massive air pressure from building up.

    Benefits of Adding Impact Windows to Your Deltona Home

    The frequency of storms and hurricanes in Deltona is a major concern for a lot of residents. Stern building codes in Deltona leads builders and manufacturers to innovate solutions. Putting in impact windows is one method to abide by these codes. These windows have numerous benefits for home and business owners alike.

    • One-time installation

    Are you tired of putting up hurricane shutters every time there is a threat? Or has the hardware store run out of plywood? Impact window installation is a long term, hassle free solution. Unlike hurricane shutters where you would have to take them off again, impact windows only require installation once. After placing them, these windows provide constant, self-regulating protection.

    • UV protection

    Deltona experiences relentless sun and it is imperative that you protect yourself from it’s dangerous UV rays. An added benefit of impact windows is protection from UV light. This light also causes damage to artwork, paint, fabrics and even wreaks havoc on wood furniture and floors. Installing impact windows shields your costly interiors from fading and staining after frequent exposure to direct sunlight.

    • Enhanced energy efficiency

    Did you know that 25-30% of heat gain and loss is through the windows? This automatically adds up to your utility bills quickly especially while you experience summer in Deltona. Impact windows can trim down solar heat gain and assist in retaining the heat in your house in the winter. Apart from protection, impact windows also significantly cut electricity costs.

    • Sound Filtering

    Living near an airport, busy street, or next to a house with a loud dog can disrupt your everyday activities simply because of the noise pollution. Luckily, the strength and width of impact windows insulates your house from the deafening world outside your doors. 

    • Augmented protection

    Accurately installed hurricane windows offer the maximum level of protection to the interior of your house. The majority of impact windows include numerous layers of glass or other synthetic materials that make penetration and shattering complicated. Not only does this guard you from any flying debris throughout a hurricane, it also protects your home from thieves.

    • Instant Curb Appeal

    Hurricane shutters need to be installed and taken down subsequent to every hurricane. It is a lengthy process especially if it was a false alarm. Moreover, you will have to stay in the dark throughout a hurricane because all of your windows will be covered. Impact windows look a lot like regular windows with an added benefit of durability and also enhance the look of the exterior of your home. In addition, impact windows will not need to be covered, so you will be able to see outside through a hurricane.

    • Lower Insurance Premium

    One of the most appealing benefits of impact windows
    is the effect it has on your insurance. These windows are a fool proof solution against wind storm and hurricanes. Insurance companies see impact windows and doors as a protective system; ultimately charging lower premium rates. This is mostly because impact resistant windows minimize the damage to your house.

    Impact windows are more valuable with all the advantages associated with it. Whether you are simply renovating an old building or planning to construct a new one; impact windows will boost the value of your property.

    Are Permits and HOA approvals Needed to install impact windows?

    If you are planning to move into a planned development in Deltona or you already live in one, then you must be aware of the HOA’s rules and regulations. Homeowners associations enforcesrules for the residents and their properties.

    In such communities, HOA approvals and permits to make changes are needed. Being a member binds you to the association’s CC&Rs. These include provisions relating to the look of your house and even the way vehicles can be parked outside.

    It is essential to get permits and HOA approvals in the city of Deltona prior to any renovations to the common walls, floors, or even within your own house. This is because any renovations can structurally change the appeal of the entire community and affect its safety.

    Most people believe that since they are only replacing the existing windows, they do not need an HOA approval. However, the reality is that windows in a house are a significant element and alway require the approval of the HOA if you live in an HOA community. It is imperative that approvals are attained prior to installing impact windows to assure and document that safety regulations are being complied with or else you may be sued by the HOA or the city to remove your new impact windows.

    Secondly, windows serve a specific purpose such as allowing a minimum amount of light and ventilation in the house or even sometimes used as an emergency exit.  Given that installing impact windows is a costly project; it is better to have a third party inspect for proper installation. These permits will document and ensure that the installation complies with minimum codes.

    Thirdly, HOA approval is important because the installation of impact windows might reduce the size of the window opening. This will result in unsafe standards for emergency escape in bedrooms. Presently, bedroom windows in the city of Deltona must have an opening of a minimum of 5.7 sq. ft., for emergency exit. When impact windows are installed, chances are that the contractor will modify the size of the opening. This could make the house unsafe according to the local building codes, which is why you must get permits.

    HOA permits are essential because they ensure the safety and well-being of the entire community.   

    Speed up the process with a professional impact window company.

    Owing to the costs involved, it is imperative that the window installation project is executed by an expert as you might not have a lot of knowledge regarding their installation. When you settle on replacing your current windows with an impact resistant model, you may have questions about what type of window will be the right fit. Calling up a professional team and getting accurate information will automatically quicken the procedure. Measurements and a free quote will provided promptly.

    However, the step that takes the most amount of time is ordering custom impact windows. This is contingent upon the location of the supplier and the delivery arrangement. Impact Windows of Deltona can effectively deliver because we carry numerous brands of impact windows.

    Impact Windows of Deltona will choose the best option in impact windows for your locality and suggest the brands that will suit your house the best.

    We carry a large assortment of impact window designs which allows you to enhance the structure of your home while making it hurricane safe. Moreover, our team of experts will process the city permits for you before installing the impact windows.

    Getting approvals in Deltona can take some time, but rest assured we will make sure the process occurs as fast as possible. Our professional team is experienced and we are aware of the exact codes that you must comply with. This allows you to attain a quicker approval.

    Finally, once you have received the approval, the installation will be scheduled. Window replacement experts in Deltona have the proper tools to install a new window in a timely and efficient manner. We will also schedule a city inspection and get everything approved; making it a hassle free process.

    Financing impact windows with Ygrene or PACE

    Whether you are shopping for hurricane resistant doors or windows for your dream house; the costs that will be incurred can be offset by financing. In short when it comes to home improvement, Ygrene’s PACE program is the best form of financing. Moreover, it is also easy to get approved for and a more affordable way to finance your impact window project.

    The idea behind Ygrene was to perk up the atmosphere and fortify communities in Florida by generating financing programs that will support and sponsor energy-efficient home improvement projects. Ygrene is a PACE funding program which offers 100% financing to residential and commercial property owners for hurricane protection improvements. This funding method provides a much easier, expedited approval process than traditional credit forms of financing.

    Home improvements projects, especially impact windows qualify for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). These projects are repaid through property taxes. The approval for this funding is generally contingent upon equity in the property being improved.  Your home is used as collateral for the loan and you can usually borrow up to 15 percent of a property’s value.

    The PACE funding program incorporates numerous features which make it an appealing alternative for borrowers.

    Prequalified In Under 30 Minutes

    Unlike other loans, the Ygrene process is quick and it does not make you wait long before being prequalified. The procedure is as simple as submitting an application. Financing is dependent on your home’s equity so you will not have to stress about your credit score. The process will be speedy and you will receive the decision concerning your application in less than 30 minutes!

    Complete Financing

    Generally, loans have a lot of strings attached, especially associated with down payment. This is where PACE can benefit you. It permits you to fund the total cost with no prior requirement of a down payment. As a result, you can get going instantly without having to move money around or waiting for the right time to save up.

    Easy Criterion for Eligibility

    Contrary to other funding mediums in Florida, PACE eligibility is fairly easy. Most of the popular home equity loan alternatives are much harder to qualify for, but when it comes to PACE, the weight of your FICO credit score is less significant. This funding requires you to be updated on all property taxes.


    With PACE loans, you can easily pay off the balance over extended periods of time (for instance, 5-20 years). Payments can be set aside in relatively small amounts. Although just like any loan, the more time one takes to make the payment, the higher interest amount that will be charged.

    Transferred to the next owner

    Want to upgrade to a new house but you have already made improvements to the present house? In this scenario, PACE does not always require you to pay off the loan. Since the funding is linked with the property, the payment can be transferred to and paid off by the next owner.

    Once you qualify for PACE funding, you can easily receive funding for hurricane preparation; which incorporates the installation of energy-efficient impact windows and doors. Don’t waste any more time and hurricane proof your house to protect your family!